Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Accident XRays

There are those (folks like my Mom) who believe that there are miraculous things to be known by having and viewing the xrays from my injury. So for those sorts of folks, I provide some images:

The first two are of my knee the morning of my crash:

This is my pelvis the day of the crash. It's tough to notice, but you can see how my left femoral head is overlapping the acetabulum (portion of the pelvis that contains your hip socket), which indicates the fracture/dislocation:

These next two are from the day after my knee surgery.

Here you can see my knee from above, including the traction pin that goes through my knee, the wires (figure 8) that are holding my patella together, and the wires that head off to the traction weight:

Here's the side view of my knee:

The next two are from my pelvis the day of surgery.

Here's a Wide angle of my pelvis showing where the steel plates and screws are located:

Here's my hardware up close:

Finally, these next two are my knee 10 days after surgery.

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