Monday, May 18, 2009

Got out on the SDBC "B" Ride

I rode the "B" ride on Saturday.

Joel Price, who I met through this blog came out. After what seems like a year of talking about it, this was the first time we've gotten to get out on the road together. No matter what Joel tries to tell you, he's a strong guy. He definitely has the power to do well in races if he chooses to race one day.

From my side, I haven't been doing a lot of riding lately. With my parents having been down for a week and me feeling a little burned out, I've been avoiding my bike. It was definitely a little rough for me at times, but in general a really good ride. I was able to push things on the flats and do pretty well on most of the hills. I'm definitely lacking some muscular endurance for hills like Torrey Pines.