Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vacation / Tandem Riding

The weekend of November 15/16 Carol and I drove up the coast to Cambria (one of my favorite places) for some R&R and tandem riding.

Saturday we rode the tandem south from Cambria to Moro Bay, something like 58 miles return. Here are some pictures. This was a tough day of riding. Even though the terrain is pretty flat along the coast line, there was a big time Santa Ana wind going on. The upwind ride down to Morro Bay was a real grind. We were going 12 mph along flat ground for parts of this ride.

Sunday we rode north, getting in a 40 or so mile ride. This was a really nice day of riding. Little or no wind, cooler yet still sunny, and very peaceful.

The weekend we were away was the weekend of the big fires in Sylmar and Santa Barbara; luckily we were far enough north of all the action. Up in Cambria you would have never known that anything crazy was going on to the south.


joelprice.com said...

Looks like you had a great time and the pictures are fantastic!

joelprice.com said...

Oh yeah, I like the new tweaks to the blog and thanks for the link!!!

joelprice.com said...

Ok, maybe I'm going crazy but the blog seems different. Anyways... I'm going crazy probably.

Eric said...

I was getting tired of the look and feel of my blog so I changed the blogger template. I also added the blog list.