Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This Weekend

Sunny skies and 70 to 75 degrees. You can't beat that in January. This nice weather is especially appreciated by me after having spent two weeks riding in the cold and wet.

I got 4.5 hours in on Saturday as I headed out on my favorite San Diego County endurance ride:

Start in La Jolla, up El Camino, east on San Diegueto, El Apajo etc. up to Del Dios, Del Dios east, Via Rancho, San Pasqual, Old Milky Way, and the 78 east.

Then back on Bandy Canyon, Highland Valley, Pomorado, Scripps Poway Parkway, Black Mountain, 56 bike path, south on El Camino, etc.

I really love this route. It's got some climbing, but not too much, or at least not too steep. It's got some windy spots, but not too many. And for the most part traffic is a complete non-factor. Plus from the time you cross Del Mar Height Road heading north until you get to the 15 there's not a single light. And then once you get past the 15, no lights again until you get to Pomerado. That's close to 2.5 hours of riding without having to put your foot down.

Then today I put in a casual 2.5 hour spin up the coast and back.

Since I've been back in San Diego I've really noticed the difference that the time on the rollers in Vancouver has made to my left leg. I'm definitely pulling up a lot better right now. All this after only putting in something like 7 hours on the rollers when I was home. When I think back on where things fell off the rails last season, I'm definitely starting to think that more regular time on the rollers would have made a big difference. So from here on out I'm going to see if I can put in at least a couple hours a week. Maybe my 1 hour speed workout, plus some shorter endurance rides every now and then.


mateo372 said...

Hey Eric. Let me know next time you do that endurance ride route. Those roads are great. Would like to join you!

Eric said...

It won't be for a while. Looking at my training plan it'll probably be Sunday Feb 7.

Note that for me I ride this at an aerobic heart rate, so something like 157 beats per minute or less, so there may be times where it goes a lot slower than you might be used to. I'm normally doing 20 mph or so over flat ground.

mateo372 said...

Feb 7th sounds good! I'll have raced Boulevard the day before, so an easy pace is all I'll be looking for. Let me know.