Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Yah, Bike Riding/Racing

Hey so, I've fallen off the rails with regard to the racing this season. Riding for that matter as well. The past six weeks or so have been a disaster as far as riding goes. I have a list of excuses a mile long. Mainly though it's down to a massive amount of work-work. Lately there's been so much to do and so few people to do it, that we're all getting over-loaded.

The cycle is a draining one, and extremely hard to pull out of. Too tired to ride because of all the stresses and hours of work. Feel bad, get more sleep, make time to ride, but see the stress level go even higher as the work pile gets bigger. So then, ride even less because even more tired.

The bottom line on this is that I need to take more control over what it is that I get sucked into at work. That's going to be the goal for both me and my team over the next 6 months. We'll see how well we do.

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