Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Wishes - Both Granted

It's almost 5 years ago to the day that I blew up my left leg in a crash at the San Marcos Curcuit Race.
In late July 2007 as I was laying in a hospital bed. Life sucked. I couldn't make my toes go up, let alone my foot or ankle. My knee cap was wired together. My pelvis was held together by steel plates and screws. As I layed there in pain and despair, I asked for two things:

1. To be able to ride my bike again. I envisioned that I would have Carol drive me down to B&L to collect my repaired bike, they'd somehow throw me on top of it and push me down the road, with me somehow pedaling before falling over and hitting the pavement.

2. To be able to do my favorite east county ride and be strong while I did it.
Five years later, I'm extremely happy and blessed to say that I've been able to achieve both of these "goals". It's been a while since I did my favorite east county loop.

Today was the first time in a year or so. Hopefully the following link will work for you:

All I can say is that it was a long road back. Folks like Carol who stood behind me and allowed me to succeed, fail, and then eventually succeed were critically important to everything I've achieved in the last 5 years. Most importantly for me right now; I've gotten my love of cycling back.

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