Sunday, March 4, 2007


At the end of October last year I got my cholesterol checked. It wasn't too bad:

Total cholesterol - 186 (goal of less than 200)
HDL (good) cholesterol - 50 (goal of greater than 40)
Triglycerides - 70 (goal of less than 150)
LDL (bad) cholesterol - 122 (goal of less than 130 or 100 with a history of coronary disease)

Based upon my very poor family history with regard to coronary disease, my cardiologist recommended that I try taking Red Yeast Rice a couple times per day and come back in 8 weeks to get tested again.

This time out my numbers were "ideal":

Total cholesterol - 127
HDL (good) cholesterol - 62
Triglycerides - 35
LDL (bad) cholesterol - 58

I'm hopeful that these sorts of numbers will get my mom off my back with regard to my heart. Or at least I can dream!

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