Sunday, February 25, 2007

9th Place - Ontario Dare to Race GP

This afternoon I rode in the first Ontario category 4/5 race of the year and finished 9th. Today's race was 45 minutes on a really flat course that included 7 turns. There were a few real positives in today's result:

1. Finishing 9th out of 75 riders is pretty darn good, especially when you're competing against a number of guys who are in a category higher.
2. I proved to myself that I can hang with the really fast riders in a crit.
3. I proved to myself that I can generate the power and leg speed required to be able to sprint with the big guns. I just need to do a much better job of getting to the front earlier on in the final lap.

Here are today's results

Just for kicks and giggles I've also posted the details and summary outputs from my PowerTap power meter for this race. You'll notice two big spikes in power during the race. The one in the middle of the race was me thinking I could jump the field to win a prime for some bonus series points. The second is from the finish. As you can see my max power was only about 937 Watts for the race, which is about 300 Watts less than I know I can do. i.e. I need to do a better job of putting out my best effort at the end of the race!

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