Thursday, November 26, 2009

American Thanksgiving - What I Notice

What I realize on days like today is that there aren't nearly enough days like this any more. Days where it is socially accepted, if not expected that you will not open your business. Days when people are supposed to take it easy. It's kinda sad when you realize that it's a special occasion when the world slows down, as opposed to the the opposite way around.

I went out for a 90 minute spin today. Along the way I saw very few cars on the road. I may have even seen more bikes than cars on the Coast Highway. Living in a fairly urban area, the silence is very noticeable and very relaxing.

Bottom line is that there's no changing the world, it's going to go as fast as people want to make it go. What's unfortunate is that there aren't more days like today on the American calendar.

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