Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots of Stuff Going on Lately

I haven't been adding to the blog lately, but there's been a lot going on.

My dad came down for a visit on Nov. 11, staying through the 24th. We spent the first few days out sailing with his friend Fred Huffman. Fred has a Contessa 35 that he keeps in Marina Del Rey. We went out to Catalina Island and back, staying in Avalon the first night, Two Harbors the second night and then sailing back to the marina. We had good wind the first day and lots of great wind the last day, so we got some good sailing in. We also had a chance to see most of the island, doing some hiking and exploring.

Dad then stayed at my place for the remainder of his visit. We spent a day out sailing on Mission Bay, visited the Birch Aquarium, and the Zoo.

If you haven't been down to the San Diego Zoo lately, there's lots of new stuff going on down there. The Asian Elephants have moved downtown from the Wild Animal Park. The Zoo converted the area that the Girafes were in, into a giant home for the Elephants. There are also two Rhinos down there now, living in what seems like a lot larger area.

On the cycling front, I'm getting back into the groove of a regular training schedule. Things seem to be going fairly well. I definitely find that I do a much better job of getting out on my bike when I have a set schedule that I need to conform to. I'm also getting to bed earlier, which makes it a lot easier to get up early and hit the roads.

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