Thursday, November 1, 2007

Recovery - Week 15

Well, I haven't quite gotten to the point of walking yet. I'm starting to get more and more weight onto my left leg, things just aren't progressing as quickly as I might have liked.

I had a visit with my hip surgeon on Monday this week and he thought things were healing well. He wanted me to work on getting my foot brace modified such that I had one that would fit in my shoes. I haven't been wearing a brace to hold up my foot while I've been walking, mainly because the small one that I have still doesn't fit in a shoe. It's just a hard piece of plastic, so it isn't really possible to walk on it very well either. However, because I haven't been using a brace for my foot, my hip and knee have had to compensate for my inability to lift my left foot. So my gait hasn't been the smoothest.

As a result, I've now gone back to the larger foot brace I got when I was in the hospital, the infamous bunny boot. It's rather shaggy looking, but it works pretty well. It's got a nice tread on the bottom and is flexible in the ankle, so one can walk in it pretty well. I've been wearing it for the past two days and it seems to have helped me get more weight on to my left leg. At this point I'm hoping that I'm only a couple days away from being comfortable with all my weight on my left leg. From there it'll simply be a matter of trying to walk with one crutch or a cane.

I'll keep you posted.

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