Monday, January 19, 2009

Data from Montezuma Climb

As promised, here's some data from Saturday's climb up Montezuma:

(Note that the drop of power to 0 in the middle of the climb is from when I stopped for a few seconds to put my contact back in my eye).

Some stats for the climb (from the turn off from Palm Desert to the top of the climb):

Distance: 10.4 miles
Vertical Climb: 3460 feet
Average Grade: 6.3%

When I do the south grade of Mount Palomar it works out to 11 miles of road and about 3700 feet of climbing, so I'm not too sure why folks on my team were suggesting that Montezuma is easier than Palomar. Looks pretty similar to me. I certainly felt just as much pain on Montezuma as I would on Palomar.

So what does all this data indicate?

1. My threshold power is slowly getting better. I want to get it over 300 watts. This data suggests that it's closer to 270. However, keep in mind that my power tends to be lower on steep hills. The lessened ability of my left leg to pull up means that my power suffers. So it probably isn't as bad as it looks.
2. I did a fairly good job of keeping my power output consistent. Often if you haven't developed your anaerobic system, you'll be able to put in 5 minutes hard effort, then your power will drop 20 or 30% for the rest of the effort. I definitely had a slow drop-off in power, but it wasn't too bad.
3. I'm definitely not back to where I was before I hurt myself. Back in February 2007 I went up Palomar (a little differently than Montezuma in that I did 15 minutes hard, then 4 minutes easy, and repeated 4 times). Then my best 10 minute average power was 337 watts. On Saturday, my best 10 minute average power was 311. A difference of 8% or so. My weight was also 170 pounds back in 2007 though, as opposed to 178 on Saturday, so I was putting out power at a better power/weight ratio back then too.

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