Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally Back

I'm back, both literally and figuratively. Carol and I spent Christmas up at my parents' outside Vancouver. I was up there for 10 days, I think it snowed at least 7 of them, which is pretty unusual for Vancouver. Worse still, it snowed 15 to 20 cm at a time. So that meant there was plenty of opportunity to shovel driveways, sidewalks, sidewalks at the church, etc.

On the figuratively side of things, with about 3 days to go on the trip to Canada I began to come down with a cold. It took me until Thursday this week to feel like I was finally getting on top of it. This week was supposed to be the start of my last base phase; however, the cold has kind of gotten in the way. I'm still hopeful that I can cram the rest of this week's workouts into today, Saturday and Sunday. We'll see. If not I may just do some endurance rides over the weekend, start the next phase next week and push my training plan back a week.

I'm also about to move into the second phase of Pat Jak's dry land training program. The next 4 weeks will be spent taking it up a notch and adding a lot more single leg / balance requiring strength work.

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