Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Ride Today

I had a really nice endurance ride after work today. Out on the ride I felt something I haven't felt for a long time; me pulling up with my left leg when sprinting. While, I'm taking it somewhat easy on these endurance rides (I usually try to keep my heart rate under 157), I also try to get some sprints and jumps in, particularly at traffic lights. When I see a green light in front of me I usually gun it, both so that I can make the light as well as trying to work on one of my biggest weaknesses, namely changes in pace. Today for the first time I could actually feel my left shin muscle flexing at the bottom of my pedal stroke as it tried to pull my foot up.

I also seem to be having some good success with getting some of the scar tissue at the top of my knee to break up as well as strengthening my quads and hamstrings. I've been doing a lot of single leg squats in the gym, which is really helping. Doing one leg at a time gives my knee a chance to bend under load and really gives me a chance to increase some of the strength in my leg muscles. I'm nearly to where I can go down to a 90 degree angle and get back up again, so things are looking up. Back when I first started doing these, a long time ago, I was lucky to be able to bend 25 degrees and then straighten back up. I'm also finding that I can sometimes feel the tissue at the top of my knee pulling away from the wires that are in there, especially on rides. It hurts a bit at first, but if I rub it down the pain goes away.

The bottom line is that I'm feeling really good about my decision to step back from racing and instead concentrate on my left leg and having fun on my bike. I'm getting to the gym once or twice a week, making time to use my electro stimulator five times a week, and still riding 8 to 10 hours a week.

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I'm very happy to hear this Eric. I was beginning to worry that you might have been so discouraged with your setback that you forgot how enjoyable riding a bike is. I'm really glad to see this post. So how long is a "after work endurance ride" for you?

Oh yeah, I got your last note about racing with my new bike. I feel like a total Fred. I've been super busy with work and have only rode it twice. Hopefully things will slow down after next week and I can get back in the groove. Love to ride with you one day, I really enjoyed the last time you kicked my butt in the gym. I might as well experience it on a bike :)

Eric said...

2.5 hours today.

If you want to keep coming out to the gym you're certainly welcome. I'll be there at 7am tomorrow morning. I'm trying to get out Tuesday and Friday (sometimes after work on Friday). Send me an email or a SMS and let me know if you're coming out.

I'm up for a ride any time. Let me know something that works for you. I keep telling myself I'm going to get out to the Saturday SDBC ride. The past two weeks I've been too worn out from work and late nights to get out of bed. This week will be different. If that doesn't work for you, Sunday would be good too.