Saturday, February 17, 2007

Palomar Mountain

Today was my second trip up Palomar Mountain. The idea of today's F2 (force) workout was to climb some hills of up to 8% grades that take at least 6 minutes to climb. HR was supposed to be no higher than LTHR.

So this week I did four 15 minute intervals with 4 minutes of rest in between. Today I went all the way up to the top of the South Approach Road (basically the top of the mountain). It was about 11 miles of road and about 3700 feet of climbing from where I started (Rincon Ranch Road). If you work that out you get an average grade of 6.4%. My average speed on the way up was about 9 mph, note that this includes the four minute recoveries where my speed was more like 2.5.

I also set some new personal average wattage records:
TimeAverage Wattage
5 min363 Watts
10 min337 Watts
30 min297 Watts
60 min267 Watts

Here's a view from Google Earth of the route I took:

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