Sunday, February 11, 2007

Passed by Chris Horner

Today while out on my Sunday endurance ride I was passed by Chris Horner. I got a "howdy" from someone passing me on my left, looked over and thought, I know who this guy is. Anyways, for those who have no idea who I'm talking about, Chris Horner is a San Diego native who rides on the Pro Tour with the Predictor-Lotto team. He actually started out riding in the San Diego Bike Club:

Chris Horner in Wikipedia

This incident is one of the sort that you encounter occasionally while riding around San Diego. There are numerous world class cycling athletes that live and train in and around San Diego. Horner is obviously one of them, Floyd Landis lives up in Temecula (about 45 minutes northeast of San Diego), and numerous world class triathletes are locals. So sometimes when you're out riding on the roads you can find yourself being passed by some pretty big wheels in the world of cycling.

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