Monday, December 7, 2009

World Bicyle Relief - Great Cause

The Jan-Feb 2010 issue of Road Magazine has a really great write-up on the World Bicycle Relief project (thanks again to my sister who provided me with my Road subscription as a Christmas present last year). Neil Shirley, a San Diego resident who rides for the Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Team, wrote the article based upon his personal experience of visiting Zambia and being involved in the work of the charity.

What I really like about charities like World Bicycle Relief is that they provide people with a hand-up, enabling those who want to improve their lives with a means to do it. They've designed a $134 rugged bike that they can either give away, or in many cases sell through some creative financing, to folks who in turn can use the bike to grow their local economy. For example, now a farmer can transport more goods faster to market, thus increasing his productivity and cash flow. Kids can afford the time to ride to school, rather than having to stop going because the time required to walk 10 miles each way eats into time they need to work to support their family.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find a link to the Road Magazine content, but you can find more info on World Bicycle Relief here:
Kelly Benefits Zambia Experience
World Bicycle Relief

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